Our partner in India

“Helping cannot be this easy!”

“And who supports YOU with problems on site?”

These are questions we see ourselves confronted with on a regular basis – Many people just cannot imagine how a group of young people thinks that idealism and social awareness are enough to make a difference.

Of course we have asked ourselves these questions aswell, but we are convinced that our idealism, our social awareness paired with our idividual expertise and motivation are the ideal basis for success – and to make sure everything runs smoothely on site we have our local partners.

Introducing: Muni Seva Ashram & Deepak Gadhia

Muni Seva Ashram is an organization, that combines science, technology and ecofriendly energy engineering. With Muni Seva Ashram we have found an outstanding partner for realizing our projects in India.

There are many reasons, why we chose this exact organisation: one of them definitely being that Muni Seva Ashram has the same goals as Little Big World e.V. Furthermore, it offers a perfect link between two worlds – as an organization but also with its member Deepak Gadhia, the internationally known “Ambassador of Solar Power”. 

Deepak Gadhia speaks Hindi, English and he is fluent in German, which he learned during his studies at the Technical University of Berlin. After selling his company Gadhia Solar, he spent his time with the Ashram forwarding the development of renewable, sustainable energies and supporting Little Big World e.V. with his technical expertise aswell as his knowledge of the Indian culture, country and people.

For further information about Muni Seva Ashram visit www.greenashram.org or follow this link to the brochure.

If you would like to know more about Deepak Gadhia and his work in India have a look at the interviews or contact us.