Which help is needed the most?

What we know is a drop of water, what we don't know is an ocean.

Little Big World realizes water-project in Pavda

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Little Big World wins local Youth Award

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We want to make sure that your donations end up, where they really are needed the most. No matter how often one has been in Townships or Slums, it is always shocking how many basic things are missing for the people living there.Our focus lies on the supply of clean drinking water and possibilities to prepare food, but there are so many more things needed: sanitary installations, health care, education, clothing... - the list seems endless.

With our research project in India, realized by Melanie Vangerow, we found out where the biggest deficites lie. She spent almost xx months in villages around Vadodara to live and work with the people on site, to see how we can help best and to educate people about sustainability.

I always wanted to be involved in developmental aid. During my research I repeatedly found interesting projects in India. India is such a contrasting,

diverse country, with a colourful mix of regions, cultures and traditions.

This country that is so fascinating on the one hand, on the other hand has

so many problems that almost seem incredible to us.

Eventually I discovered Little Big World e.V.. I contacted them about their work

and they offered me an own project right away.“

Melanie Vangerow