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The concept

During a visit to India in winter 2011 we expanded our project portfolio by 10 solar cookers, that provided to villages via payday loans. The solar cookers can be used for cooking, baking and water sterilisation. We are in constant contact with three students, that take care of the project on site.

A solar cooker's buing price lies at 100 €. We know that something bought is often better taken care of, which is why we decided not to hand there solar cookers out for free. We think this is the best way to guarantee the sustainability of this project.

To make sure that the people can make best use of the solar cookers, three students help them with the set-up and provide solar cooking courses on a regular basis. Also we of course there is no timeframe for the microcredits, which helps the people finance the cookers based on their income from selling foods and drinking water provided with the help of the solar cookers. This way a cycle is created that allows a sustainable project development for Little Big World e.V. and the people of the villages.

The set-up and first evaluations

Our partner Mr. Gadhia is a pioneer in the solar sector, especially when it comes to the use of solar power for cooking and baking. With his and Mr. Patel's help, we were able to find three very dedicated students, Neha Mehta, Kinjal Pandya and Nandini Mehta, who helped us to install and test the first 10 solar cookers in the Muni Seva Ashram. They supervise and help maintaining the cookers and report the project's development regularly to Little Big World e.V.

While this project's focus lies on spreading the word about solar cooking in India, we were able to get in touch with another German aid organisation and are currently working on a way to turn the solar cookers in an even bigger source of revenue for the villagers – by selling foods and candies cooked with solar power to their profit.

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