Our Goals

Little Big World realizes water-project in Pavda

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Little Big World wins local Youth Award

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Together with the people on site, we – the young team of Little Big World e. V. - pursue a successful and most of all sustainable developmental work, following the idea of capacity building.

Sustainable Help

To reach our goals in the field of poverty eradication and stable improvement of living conditions in developing countries, we have dedicated ourselves to the development and usage of “Clean Technologies“. These are supposed to increase the economical efficiency of processes, whilst saving resources, decreasing energy consumption and reducing pollution.

Engaging Interest

Our other main goal is to engage young people's interest in developmental work. Together with them we want to initiate long-term projects. They should bring ideas, dedication and enthusiasm: What can I do, to improve a family’s life in Townships or Slums of Ahmedabad, Johannesburg or Nairobi? What could an aid project look like and what resources would we need?

It is, however, not about coming up with the most spectacular idea, but rather about finding efficient and sustainable ways to provide help, where it is needed. For our project „India 2011“, we e.g. installed – and still maintain – simple water-processing units in Baroda Village, India.

Of course Little Big World e. V. does not only depend on great ideas, but also on financial support. This is why we are happy about any person or company, that shares our vision and would like to support us financially. If you would like to join us as an active or passive member, you are welcome to fill in our membership application. Please make sure to read our membership fee regulations for this.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please feel free to contact our colleague Hanna Garbert via E-Mail: garbert@little-big-world.org.